Pipe Organ Cleaning, Tuning, & Repair

Jim Shawhan, our pipe organ expert, has been involved in various projects within the industry for more than a quarter-century.  A successful former pipe-organ builder, he is now passing on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation here at Handlin Piano.  Let us come evaluate your pipe organ and help you get the best possible performance from your instrument.  We can do minor or major adjustments, cleaning, repair, and tuning.

Our tuning is not a simplistic machine tuning, but an aural tuning – matching various ranks by ear in a complex relationship – which not only takes into account the organ itself, but the acoustics of the space in which it is played.  Small adjustments and repairs can make a difference in the performance, and the longevity of your instrument.

Pipe organs require exacting and careful maintenance.  Their lifespans can either be shortened or lengthened according to the quality of care they receive.  A pipe organ is a costly investment, don’t let your instrument go too long before being properly serviced.