Handlin Piano

For many years in the piano industry we have been witness to a steady decline in quality at the level of manufacturer, dealer, and technician.  Many of the “old ways” are being lost, to be replaced with inferior methods that are based on expediency and cost-effectiveness.   Our mission at Handlin Piano is to create a service without compromise, a service with integrity, a service we could be proud of.

By keeping alive the traditional methods, and perpetuating them in master and apprentice relationships we hope to be a small part of enhancing the quality of service within our industry, both today and into the future.

We believe that if you listen carefully, you’ll hear the difference…

Our Team

Our technicians have a combined experience of more than 60 years in the piano industry.  Whenever  you have a question or need concerning your musical instrument, they are ready and eager to assist you any way they can.

Cody S HandlinMaster Technician
Cody Handlin has over 20 years of piano tuning, repair and rebuilding experience. A second generation carpenter, Mr Handlin has been a working craftsman for all of his adult life. In addition to being a piano tuner and technician, Mr. Handlin is an accomplished pianist, actor, artist, and composer who has been featured in television, on the radio, in print, and online.
James K ShawhanMaster Piano Technician
James Shawhan has had a long and distinguished career as a piano and organ technician. He has worked with many notable concert pianists, celebrities, churches, and piano manufacturers over the span of more than 60 years in the industry.
Adrian S HandlinApprentice Technician and Expert Piano Mover
Son of Cody Handlin, Adrian is an apprentice technician in at Handlin Piano. He has successfully and safely moved more than 200 pianos in the past three years, including square grands, semi-concert grands, antique uprights, heirloom antique pianos, and nickelodeons.
Austin C RedetzkeApprentice Technician
Majoring in computer engineering and physics, and minoring in music composition, math, and Japanese. Austin Redetzke is currently apprenticing at Handlin Piano. His musical interests include harmonic analysis, music theory and composition.