We offer a wide variety of consultation and evaluation services.  We can assist you in buying and/or selling a piano.  We can help evaluate your piano if it’s been damaged by fire, water, mold, rodent and/or insects.  We also can provide formal written evaluations and repair estimates for insurance or donation purposes.

We can provide rebuilding and restoration services for your heirloom instrument.

We move and store pianos.  We offer climate and humidity-controlled long-term and short-term storage for our clients.  We can move a wide variety of instruments, orchestrions, pianos, nickolodeons, organs.

We offer comprehensive piano tuning services covering everything from a regular, maintenance tuning to concert piano preparation and tuning.  We also offer pitch adjustment tunings (for instruments which have not been serviced in a long period of time).

In addition to regular tuning, we are able to tune two or more pianos together, and match organs and keyboards to the piano.   We can also tune your piano to a historic temperament to match specific literature.

We offer complete piano rebuilding, restoration, and repair.  We have extensive experience in restoring instruments with insect and rodent damage – as well as damage from smoke, water, and mold.   From the simplest repair and regulation to a complete rebuild – we can solve your piano problems.


All major piano manufacturers recommend having your piano tuned at least two times per year.  Pianos that are played regularly may require more frequent tunings.  There are also many environmental factors which determine how quickly a piano goes out of tune.

Some general information about piano maintenance and tuning can be found below.   You can also find more information in our piano care blog.

Standard tuning vs pitch adjustment tuning

    • Measure the note A4 (the A above middle C) with a simple phone tuning app.  Free Iphone tuning apps include Panotuner and Tracetuner.  Android apps include Datuner Lite and Gstrings.
      If the note is close to A440 (meaning the dial is close to the A) the piano probably only needs a standard tuning.  If the note is 20% or 20 cents or more away from the note (around 1/4 of the way towards another note) then the piano will probably need a pitch adjustment.
      If the tuning app shows an entirely different note (other than A) then the piano is extremely out of tune.  In this case your piano will need to be evaluated by our technician.


Our standard piano tuning is $129.  This assumes the piano has been tuned recently and is no more than a small percentage off from the target note.   A standard piano tuning may not cover repairs and/or other service requirements for your instrument.  Each piano tuning includes a free piano evaluation where the piano will be inspected and services suggested depending on the needs of the customer and the value and capacity of the instrument.

The price of servicing your instrument varies upon the demands of the pianist and the abilities of the instrument.  Not all pianos can be serviced, especially when the piano is more than 50 years old.

If a piano has not been serviced recently, it will need a pitch adjustment tuning – commonly referred to as a pitch raise.  A pitch raise tuning costs $189.00, however many instruments will require additional optional services to perform properly.  If a piano has been neglected for a significant time, it will generally need service voicing and one or more points of regulation.   Our technician will discuss service options at the time of our visit.

In severe cases, a piano may need a second follow-up tuning – after the pitch raise tuning.