Our fees are based on a time and materials basis and itemized according to Federal Trade Commission guidelines, and we are always willing to discuss these costs with you.  We extend a 30 day, same-as-cash, payment option to established accounts and accept checks, money orders, bank drafts and cash in payment for our work. Our policy is to provide our services with excellence and integrity at fair prices without compromising quality.  Our goal is to make the instruments in our care the best they can be in order to produce the “beautiful music” our clients expect to play and hear.

The tonal and mechanical conditions of your piano are paramount to the way it sounds and plays. We welcome regular tuning, maintenance and repair work on serviceable instruments and do comprehensive preparations on units for music professionals and piano dealers.  We also repair and refurbish older instruments after careful examination, evaluation and consideration of cost effectiveness of the work to be completed.  The repair parts and other supplies we use in our work are obtained from the original instrument maker whenever possible, or through special product suppliers.  Either way, we insist upon using the very best quality materials available.

Also, we do the special Concert Preparations, commonly called “New Yorking”, for those whose skill requires an instrument with individualized specification elements and exceptionally fine playing characteristics.  Our technician can explain these procedures and discuss their importance and benefits in detail with you.

Most of our tuning work is done in equal temperament which is accomplished aurally, or   “by ear,”  using a major third interval system.  This is the most friendly and widely used temperament in  the modern music community.  It allows our technicians to consider “tone color” and the room’s acoustics in the tuning process of your piano.  However, we are occasionally asked to set a (historic) temper which is uneven, and that is done using a tone sensitive calculator to establish the slightly unequal intervals which are required.

We buy and sell new and used acoustic pianos, organs and other musical equipment through consignment, brokerage and direct purchase agreements.  Ideally, the used units we buy will be in serviceable condition, and have a history of regular care.  If you are looking for a new or used instrument to buy or sell, we invite your inquiry.

For those who have organs and other instruments needing service or repair, we work closely with manufacturers, parts suppliers and area service providers to make assessments and referrals as needed.  For instrument relocation projects, both local and long distance, we recommend special moving teams.  Please feel free to ask us for help in finding the right solution to meet your needs.

Our consultations mostly involve piano and organ purchase and placement considerations for churches and other institutions.  This part of our work usually involves collaboration with musicians, committees, architects, dealers and others, and we often assist in the selection of new instruments. We also consult with individuals, music teachers and others concerning their equipment needs and welcome the opportunity to assess units for prospective buyers.