Piano Storage

Handlin Piano offers the only climate and humidity-controlled storage space dedicated to pianos in the Brazos Valley.   Very few, if any, local storage facilities offer humidity control.  Humidity control is essential when storing pianos long term, as it is the single biggest factor in keeping your piano in the best possible condition over time.  Our unit is individually alarmed and is exclusively dedicated to piano storage.

We are capable of short-term and long-term piano storage.  With our piano moving capability, there is only one number to call to take care of all of your piano moving and storage.

piano storage

Piano Moving

Why should you trust Handlin Piano with your valuable instrument?

  • We handle your piano from beginning to end.  We are 100% responsible for your piano through the entire process of the move.
  • We do not hire outside help or subcontract any part of the move.
  • We have the expertise and our costs are competitive with contract movers.
  • We are a small, family-run, local business who cares about our reputation and about our good standing in the communities we serve.
  • We use trained piano technicians who not only know how to move a piano, but also how to service them.
  • We inspect the piano before and after the move and document its condition.
  • We offer a free piano evaluation with every move and a discount on future tuning services.
  • We are specialist movers – we have moved hundreds of pianos of all different shapes, sizes, and eras.
  • Fixed, transparent pricing for all local moves with no hidden cost.

We move pianos, organs, and specialty items – such as small gun safes and pool tables.  We offer fixed pricing within the BCS area and competitive quotes for the rest of Texas.

upright piano move
All our movers are trained and have worked with us in the past.  We don’t use day labor or temporary workers to move your piano.  Our moves are supervised by a master piano technician.  We have specialty equipment for moving pianos safely and our trailers are designed specifically for moving pianos safely and securely.
We inspect pianos before and after we move them.  Pianos can be infested with mice and/or insects.  It is important that a mover inspects a piano before moving unwanted guests into your home.  We also inspect pianos for scratches and dings before we move – to make sure we are accountable to the pianos condition.   We take our time to insure that your piano arrives in its new location in the exact same condition.
Our price is competitive – generally within 20% of a local mover’s cost.  However, we offer a better level of service and piano moving know-how.  We offer competitive pricing for any move within Central Texas and can match price quotes from reliable piano movers.
Save 20 dollars on a regular tuning and 30 dollars on a pitch raise tuning when you book a piano move and a piano tuning together.

Local Moves

We offer convenient fixed pricing, starting at $159 for moves within the Bryan/College Station area.  Hover over each of the boxes below to learn more.

We also price match any of our local competitors. Have your piano moved by an expert for the same price.

Piano Recycling & Removal

FREE - or reduced cost

Let us recycle/upcycle your used piano

We can help to find a home for your piano.  If your piano is serviceable we’ll take it for free and find it a new home right here in the Brazos Valley.  When we receive a donated piano, assuming that it is serviceable, we give it away for free to someone in the community who needs a piano.  We’ve relocated more than a dozen free pianos to new homes in our local community.  Piano removal costs generally run from FREE to $200 depending on the level of difficulty.  Vertical Pianos generally cost $50 to $100 dollars.

Vertical Piano

Within 30 miles of the BCS area


The price of $159 assumes there are no significant obstacles, such as a flight of stairs or a narrow hallway that must be negotiated.  This is a first floor move.  There should be no more than 4 exterior steps. This price covers 80% of all local moves.   This is for a spinet, console, or studio piano and does not include full uprights, whose height is greater than 48″

Baby Grand Piano

Within 30 miles of the BCS area.


This price is for a first floor to first floor move with no major obstacles in our path.  This also assumes that there is sufficient room around the piano to disassemble the grand and tilt it vertical onto the grand board.  This only includes grand pianos which are less than 6 foot in length.  Grand pianos between 6′ to 6’6″ cost $309.   Grand pianos longer than 6’6″ will need to be quoted individually, as they require special considerations.

Long Distance Moves

We offer long distance moving services to any location within the triangle of Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston.