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Piano Tuning Care


Piano Tuning Care The piano is an acoustic stringed instrument.  It usually has 88 different notes, each having one, two, or three separate strings.  These strings are set into motion by felt faced hammers hitting each string or set of strings whenever a key is depressed.  Most other stringed instruments such as the guitar and [...]

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Pitch, Temperament and Tuning of the Piano


Pitch, Temperament and Tuning of the Piano The pitch of the piano is its reference tone level.  This is usually stated as the beginning note of the temperament system of tuning and carries a number indicating the frequency in cycles per second (c.p.s.) such as A=440 or C=523.3, and so on.  A variety of [...]

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Aural (ear) Tuning


Aural (ear) Tuning Standard aural tuning is often based on two, or at most three, specific tone intervals, viz., the dominant 5ths, sub-dominant 4ths and, occasionally, the sub-mediant 6ths in a single octave subset of twelve notes called the “temperament octave.”  Then, this basic octave is expanded in octave intervals over the remaining scope of [...]

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