Why Choose Handlin Piano

Pianos are expensive and delicate instruments.   A piano has more than 1500 moving parts and 200 strings held with nearly 10 tons of tension.  A piano can easily be irrevocably damaged, through either neglect or improper handling.

Unfortunately, there are many unqualified piano technicians.   An unqualified technician is just as likely to damage an instrument as to repair it. Over the years we have seen many, many instruments damaged by “tinkerers” and amateurs who attempted to repair or tune a piano without the right skills and/or tools.

If your piano tuner arrives at your house, sits down at the piano and begins “twisting pins”, finishing in 90 minutes or less – he is not a real piano technician.  A professional technician will discuss your pianos maintenance with you at each visit and spend the time to prepare the piano for tuning. He will also spend the time to thoroughly check the results of his tuning – spending at least 90 minutes or more to properly tune each instrument.

We at Handlin Piano have more than 80 years of experience in the industry.  We have worked on thousands of instruments, from small spinets to concert grands.  We have worked with famous musicians and everyday piano owners to produce the best results.

We are price competitive, but we don’t compete on price.

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A “pin-twister” or a piano “tooner” (like cartoon) is a person who only tunes pianos, but does not really understand how pianos work or know how to properly service them.   If you had someone work on your car, you would expect that they knew how to change more than just the oil.   There are many piano tuners who only know how to “twist pins” and collect money.  We have seen many pianos abused by “tooners” who attempted repairs without the proper experience, tools, or knowledge.

Pianos are a complex mechanical device which needs regular service and maintenance in order to perform optimally.    A technician (versus only a piano tuner) is someone who intimately understands the complexity of the instrument and can make repairs and adjustments to improve its performance.

All of our technicians love music.  We play the piano for personal gratification and for the love of the instrument.   We understand the demands of artistic performance and and appreciate the piano not only as a complex mechanical device, but also as an instrument whose purpose is to produce beautiful music.  We believe a piano tuner should not only know how to tune, but also how to play and how to compose.
Many of our competitors do piano tuning as a side job or as a hobby.   We live, eat, and breathe pianos.  When we’re not out tuning, we’re at home playing and composing music – or in the shop working on a piano.  This is our full time occupation and as such we treat you, our customer, with the utmost respect and appreciation.
We are invested in the local community and are here for the long term.  We plan on being your tuner for life – or for as long as you have your instrument.  We focus on quality and on developing relationships within the local arts community.
We strive to please each and every customer.   Our goal is 100% satisfaction.  We are willing to work until the customer is satisfied with our results.