• Tuning


    $129 - Maintenance tuning for pre-existing customers

    $149 - Standard piano tuning (piano should be within 10% of a half-step)

    $219 - Pitch adjustment tuning (piano should be within one half step of A440)

    $349 - Special tuning for concert and event preparation for demanding pianists and fine instruments.

  • Piano Moving & Storage


    $209 - upright within BCS

    $259 - antique upright within BCS

    $319 - baby grand piano within BCS

    $3.00 - mileage charge (one way) outside of 15 miles. May vary with gasoline price.

    Additional charges for player pianos and full-size grands

    Several restrictions apply for flat rate pricing as quoted here. All quoted prices are for first floor, without the use of ramps.

    Call or text 979-589-4101 for more complete information

  • Evaluation & Consultation


    General consultation at $90 per hour, minimum one hour

    Formal written evaluations and appraisals at $109

    Concert and event preparation is on a per-quote basis